The global data model
for insurance

Sharing is caring. But local standards and isolated data models put the brakes on a smooth transfer of information in the traditionally complex insurance industry. This means, building future technologies and analytics tools that power customer satisfaction and business growth becomes a somewhat nerve-wracking experience.

OpenOntology introduces a new global data model for digital insurance. Standardised products and relationships with well-defined properties pave the way for new heights of innovation. Information can be transferred between insurers, partners and customers across any product category and region. This is sharing how it should be.

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An open standard

It all starts with speaking the same language. OpenOntology provides a consistent way of defining products and relationships, thereby making it easier for all stakeholders in the insurance ecosystem to talk to each other. In fact, we wanted to get the whole world to join the conversation. That is why we made sure that our ontology is applicable in countries across the globe and compatible with local standards.

It’s magic - but in a very transparent and unified way. We built OpenOntology using a bunch of JSON schemas to define and standardise key insurance parameters and the relationships between them. As well as being global, these schemas are lightweight and easy to get started with. We’ve optimised them for use with APIs and modern technologies. And to achieve true customer-centricity, they contain risks and first-level entities that describe and relate to the customer and not just the product.

Also, it works! The schemas have been tested with various existing APIs and standards. They are available on GitHub, ready to be downloaded and used. Being easily accessible means virtually anyone in the insurance industry can implement them in their project, database, or application with ease.

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Who we are

Riskine & Wefox

Riskine & wefox Riskine is an advisory business for banks and insurance companies based in beautiful Vienna. Using the latest graph-based technology, Riskine develops self-service solutions and tools for personal advice.

The API solution of Europe's #1 Berlin-based digital insurer wefox Insurance. With its open API solutions, wefox helps insurers, distributors, and tech companies tackle the challenges of digital insurance distribution.

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